The Power of Sound

I recently had the opportunity to meet Kim Balzan, Holistic Practitioner of Sound.  Kim specializes in Crystal Alchemy Bowls, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Healing Sound Meditation and Reiki in Scottsdale.  She generously invited me into her gorgeous studio for a private session and in return, I captured a few images that I wanted to share below.  

Words cannot describe the experience I had during my session.  Those who know me, probably understand that I don't take time out to relax as much as I should.  The timing was perfect over Labor Day weekend to take a few breaths.  I rested, opened my ears and my heart.  Kim filled the room with beautiful tones and vibrations and my head filled with imagery.  When I left, I felt invigorated, inspired and joyful.  I was reminded that meditation and focus is the key to success.  I couldn't wait to share Kim's talent with everyone I know.  

While I was there, Kim confided "I really want to help engaged couples relax during the stressful planning process."  I'm so pleased to announce that Kim will be joining our Lakeside Bridal Festival tomorrow with a unique meditation workshop.  Our guests will benefit from her amazing sounds at the McCormick Scottsdale!  Please RSVP here to join us.  You may also contact Kim directly to schedule a private session.  Thank you, Kim!


Photos Courtesy of Images by Angela

LED Dance Floor by Tycoon Productions

We are excited to introduce Tycoon Productions Inc. and collaborate with them on our upcoming bridal events.  Engaged couples can truly make their reception unique and memorable with this amazing LED dance floor by incorporating any video or image in high definition. All they have to do is provide a USB with anything they want reproduced for their customized program.

For instance, they can play a slideshow of their love story during the first dance with life event photos, how they met, the proposal and favs from the engagement session.  They also have the option to sync videos of their special songs to the music played by the DJ.  An entire movie can be shared if desired. Imagine the bridal party dancing to personalized images and songs selected just for them. In addition, you can incorporate these fun Go Go, Bar & DJ Booths to really get the party started!  The possibilities are endless.  

Tycoon Productions will be demonstrating this cutting edge technology along with a complimentary workshop by Fred Astaire Dance Studios at our upcoming events, beginning with our Over the Moon Bridal Expo on 8/13.  RSVP HERE!

Uploaded by TYCOON PRODUCTIONS on 2017-07-12.

Lolo Story Joins the Dream Team!

We couldn't be more pleased to announce the newest member of our Dream Team, Lolo Story of Laura's Events and Weddings Unleashed.


Lolo and her team have graciously accepted the opportunity to collaborate with Enchanted Dream Productions and Mia Hillery Events to coordinate our bridal expos, kids festivals and full service weddings.  We look forward to supporting each other with business development and building new relationships with charitable organizations.  

Lolo's enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious. She combines her professional event planning experience with a creative, fun-loving touch. We look forward to having her join our Over the Moon Bridal Expo on Sunday, August 13th at American Royal Palace.